August 21, 2016

Our Story!

Neka Anyaogu and Guy Bertrand Keou—maybe it was destiny.
Neka, a physician and American-born Igbo-Nigerian, was hoping to find a partner in life with whom she shared a deep connection—someone who valued her Christian faith and shared an understanding of her culture.
It was in 2014 through a mutual friend that Neka met Guy, a handsome businessman, family-oriented and driven, of Christian faith and Cameroonian descent.
Guy admits—he was immediately taken by Neka. Her beauty and intelligence, her humble nature, her love of family captivated him instantly. For Neka, it was Guy’s honesty and independence—his ability to be true to himself—that kept the bachelor on her mind.
Soon, they began seeing each other frequently. Dinners, church dates and long phone calls laid the groundwork for a beautiful unbreakable bond that the two would share. Passion bloomed. Commitment followed. It happened quickly.
Neka and Guy were in love.
On Neka’s birthday, June 19, 2015, Guy popped the question. The setting was romantic Montreal, Canada and the proposal was one in which Guy had planned meticulously. Gathering family members into a tight circle and placing Neka in the center, Guy, ever the gentleman, dropped down onto one knee. Surprised and overcome with tears of joy, Neka said ‘Yes.’
Now it's time to celebrate! A beautiful wedding has been planned and prepared. What better way to begin their future than to gather close family and friends to witness this commencement of a lifetime of love.